Hey I’m Anthony! I’ve been spinning records for over two decades in many different facets. Each of them posing a new and interesting challenge. ┬áMy versatility and passion for my craft has kept me a sought after DJ. I started my journey by getting my chops up spinning underground hip hop and practicing different methods of turntablism. I also spent 3 years playing in a band (shout out to Love Assassins!) with brilliant musicians who helped me hear music in a different way. I combine this technical side with the ability to piece sounds together to create a musical journey of sorts. I’m at my best when blending different genre’s together to keep the crowd engaged and tell the story of the event.

One of the great things about spinning is all the interactions I have with others. From collaborating with clients, having a quick conversation about a song I just played, to reading the crowd. Making the most of those connections is what I believe people are drawn to.